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Like Fire Through Bone

Like Fire Through Bone - E.E. Ottoman I need to think and breathe.
Okay. This book is going towards my "Scared to read" for my personal challenge. It wasn't marked as so, but I hadn't read the blurb, if I had, I would have been too scared to read it. Whatever, it makes sense to me.

I know I typically get something different out of reading something than what everyone else does. I think once all is said and done, this was a beautiful story. It was well written, creating an world I could vividly see and hear and I had no trouble imaging Vasilios walking along or riding into the desert.
However, the world was really hard for me. People as property is like a hard limit, I hate it worse than BDSM. So the slave, jewel, concubine, eunuch, master, selling people, if you want to borrow him--just ask, lashing...I was truly struggling through all of that.
Again, the writing was good, because I experienced that cold knot of dread right along with V. many times. There were so many people I wanted to murder, but I'm not going to get into that.
The story line apart from V. was a disturbing one for sure, and V's dreams were just absolutely horrific. I tried not to think too much about what was happening there. I will say I was a bit surprised at the way it wrapped up.
We meet some interesting characters, Brother Stavros and Arite, I liked Patros as well and Nereida.
I will say, and this is just how I took the book, this is not a love story. There are some romantic elements woven through for sure. This thing between Markos and V. is real, but that's not really what this story is. Their interactions were important and wonderful and a little heartbreaking. It was also...I don't know, Markos was rather transparent with his feelings and frustrations but there is a history there that we are only told of and I often wondered why they were so taken with each other. the sex scenes were powerful to me. For V. to finally have the choice, not only of the partner but which acts he wanted or didn't want to engage in and he had the strength and trust to voice these things
For me, this was V.'s journey. I like how at the start of the book he felt he had no choices and this was his fate, and by the end, he felt we make our own fate.V gets a HEA and he deserves it. I think I would have liked some other things to have happened, but that probably wouldn't have been realistic.
Momo should earn a cookie for reading something so far out of her comfort zone!
The rating is hard for me, its a well written story, vivid characters, my enjoyment level, well, no one enjoys reading about other people being so miserable and abused...as an overall journey...I don't know...I'm still thinking on it..
I think its important to go into this not looking for anything specific. If I was looking for a romance, I would be disappointed, if I was looking for a paranormal type thing I would be disappointed, but as a story about V and his life and what he endures and how things play out for him, I think it is worth the read, but definitely tough