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In Discretion

In Discretion - Reesa Herberth 2.5-3 stars
I liked the concept, especially the way the secrets worked, with physically not being able to tell them
I liked the relationship between our characters, that painful past that still hurts and causes them to be short-tempered or just flat our rude, but still trusting and relying on each other.
My biggest issues were just a general lack of connection and I think this is because the characters did not let on enough about how they felt and what they thought. I lived for the interactions between them, but more than that, shouldn't we have been privy to what Thanson thought was going on? Outside of Kazra, just in general? So maybe a little more of that and I did feel like there were gaps as well, as if the author was aware of how things looked and the references made, but as I am not in her head, I was missing out on those things and it left me...disconnected.
However, I liked it enough to want to know more, I will read the reviews for the next one and see if I will continue with the series.