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Storm Front

Storm Front - Jim Butcher This was on my TBR for a really LONG time. I think I was intimidated. Though I don't know why...the cover maybe? So yeah, once I started reading it, it was completely different from what I had built up in my mind based on nothing whatsoever. This was weird. I liked it okay, but it didn't really blow my hair back, ya know?
I liked Harry okay, I mean a wizard with gentlemanly mannerisms...I can get down with it, I guess.
The mystery part of it, I liked, but I also felt like it was missing something. Typically when reading a mystery, my mind is running circles coming up with theories and I'm accusing pretty much every character I come across and trying to figure out how they play into it. I just didn't do that here. Its like I was less invested.
I did appreciate the catch 22 poor Harry was in, and that he wanted to help and did even when it wasn't in his best interest. Of course, if he hadn't it would have been one hell of a boring book. I got pretty pissed of at Murphy. Is that fair? Did anyone else feel that?
I liked that the magical aspect of it was just kind of sprinkled.
I would read more from this series, I think the first books are always a little different as relationships and characters are getting established.