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Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold

Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold - Terry Brooks Thank you to my papa for the recommendation!

I enjoyed this, the ending was excellent!
I had a little issue with the beginning, if I've agreed to suspend disbelief, I don't need 70 pages of Ben trying to convince himself or talking of the silliness or impossibility or whatever. I understand the point of it and we learn a good deal about Ben's character and his past and his current state of mind, but it went on a little long for me.

This book is also incredibly descriptive. This is not a bad thing, as obviously this other world needs explaining, it is like nothing we have other seen, but there were times when the length of the descriptions interfered with the momentum of the story--for me anyway.

I loved the characters, the relate-ability of them, their loyalty. I am looking forward to continuing the series.