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Jackdaw - K.J. Charles I liked this, but I think after watching Day and Crane, the romance here was a let down...That's not fair, I reckon, but its the truth.
I started out really feeling for Ben, but...the way Jonah came across, I don't know...and then.. when we get Jonah's side of the story...dude...I ended up so pissed at Ben because he couldn't just love Jonah for who he was!
stealing the light from his eyes and the smile from his face and hurting his heart...ugh...
A few scenes really got me, they were more than emotional...and I was happy with the way things turned out and all, but there was just too much time where I felt hurt and was just not enjoying the journey...*shrugs* I would highly recommend it to fans of the Magpie series, though.