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The History of Us

The History of Us - Nyrae Dawn BR with Els!!!!

If you're looking for an exciting love story with steam, this is not for you. This is incredibly low steam, and its not even about the "romance" between Bradley and TJ. This is about Bradley figuring out who he is or who he wants to be and becoming comfortable with himself.

I liked it okay. Again, nothing stellar, but I liked the idea. I liked Bradley and TJ. Bradley was kind of jerk, but not really, he was just so unsure, about everything, and so worried about everything that he kind of just stayed stagnant. TJ pops up and is exactly what Bradley needed, or maybe not TJ as much as he needed this trip, he needed this exposure. And TJ's got his own shit going on.

I love the idea of the road trip and the making of the documentary and that TJ has connected with these people and that Bradley develops a connection with them. Some of the interviews are really really hard.

There was some repetition and I found myself a little frustrated with Bradley, but then I felt badly because he was just being honest and he was trying and he had insecurities and I think he owned up to them pretty well. But a few times, when he was like "I was being such a jerk" I was nodding, like yes, yes you are. But he pushed himself and I think he discovered a lot about other people and about himself.
Again, this is very low steam, and the relationship between the boys isn't necessarily deep, it develops rather quickly and I didn't feel it intensely, but they were cute and I liked them for each other.