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The World As He Sees It

The World As He Sees It - A.C. Arthur

I was really excited about this. After meeting Tristan in the first one, I just absolutely feel for him. His life has been rough and I couldn't wait to get more of him.
I liked Gabe, too. I thought he was good people.
It was nice to see Noel and Shane again. (I may still like Shane the best)

There were things in here that didn't work for me, and there were things that wouldn't work for me personally but for the way the characters handled it or felt about it (realistic or not) it didn't bother me too badly, but still made me pause.

I learned something too. I know what fluffing means. And what a fluffer is.

Anyhoo....I'm going to just put a little warning tag in here under this spoiler, okay? Cuz I can see some people having an issue with a thing or two in here. As stated in the blurb, Gabe does porn for the money, but also because its regular safe sex. After getting into a relationship, he still does the porn, even though his situation isn't like the desperation felt in Shane's case. Tristan is cool with it all. Here is where I kind of said "what?" Tristan wants to watch Gabe's scenes. And they watch together, get totally turned on, have the best sex ever, yada, yada, yada. Just putting that out there

I'm glad this was less angsty than the previous book, because that one almost killed me. I didn't feel there was unnecessary drama in this. Gabe's mom was...ugh...hope that all works out there. Noel had some moments when I wanted to smack him. It was unfair, I mean, I know he was protective of Tristan and I get that but he had an attitude at times. He was pretty self aware however and did at least recognize when he was out of line. Still love Shane. Tristan turned out to be a little different than I had imagined from the first one. He had such a rough time with his parents being assholes and the pressure from his family and then the attack and everything. I liked the emails. I kind of wish I could have read the ones that Gabe wrote about their intimate moments together, but I guess I'm just pervy or whatever.

There were times when maybe the conversations weren't exactly ...I don't know, a few of them felt off, but overall, I did like the book.