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Labyrinthian - Sunny Moraine The Hunter and The Hunted, I just love it.
As with the other Sunny Moraine novel I read (Line and Orbit--and I HIGHLY recommend it), the story is not dominated by the romance. This is a story about Taur (the hunted) and his hope to find his family and his struggle with whether he even wants to fight to survive or not.
Taur was a great character because everything about him seemed to oppose something else in him. He was a killer. Like woah. But innocent in many ways. Decisive and fast reacting, yet...when it came to certain things, he was lost. I loved that about him.
Theseus was great too. I really liked him a lot.
Phae...what to say about Phae? I didn't like her at first, I think maybe I was jealous, but she was a good friend and important to the story and to the relationship between Taur and Theseus.
The story started a little slowly for me, if I know there is a love interest, I want them to meet and even though I enjoy getting to know the characters and seeing their struggles and what brings them together, I was impatient for them to meet.
I think the ending played out how it had to, but I have to be honest, that I think that with most stories when the main part of it is the journey, something about how things get resolved...its like..."oh, that wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be" but maybe that's not fair. I mean, would I want things to have been worse than they were? No, but...something about it bothered me, I think, I can't put my finger on it.
There were some interesting elements thrown in there as well, enhancing the suspense and breaking my heart.
I love this author and I will read more from her.