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Sunset Park

Sunset Park - Santino Hassell 4.5 stars

I love this book.
I wasn't the biggest fan of Raymond or David in the first one. I didn't hate them, but I had a high level of frustration with David cuz he was in my effin way and Raymond needed a kick in the ass. I LOVE Raymond. LOVE him. He showed growth as a character, not only from the first book but throughout this one and not just with moving out and getting a job, he was figuring himself out, how he viewed himself changed, what he thought he was capable of, what he wanted, and how he was going to get it. He's real. Honest. Blunt and yes, sometimes an asshole, but I could trust him to be who he is. He didn't over analyze (yes, I'm looking at you David), he accepted things and rolled with the punches and I liked that about him. There were a few things I wished had gone down differently with him. I mean Oli? Ew. and the way he handled the whole Caleb thing, but I totally got that. I wanted to beat the shit out of him, too.

The first half of this book is absolute PERFECTION. I loved everything about it. I love the relationship that David and Raymond have. I love this touchy-feely, mock exasperation, weird dynamic they have.
You know--role-playing. You're the scary but smoldering intruder, I'm the defenseless gay boy, you came for the goods but help yourself to my ass..."
"Why do I have to be the intruder? That's some racist bullshit."
"I like how you're more worried about my fantasies being PC than the fact that you bang me in them."

"...I let him hold my hand for two blocks before he realized what he was doing and pulled away."

And friends...let me tell you...37%-45% is some of the hottest...I mean...phew!

"David: Ray...
David: Come here
David: Please"

I did run into some frustrating moments. David was...well, he bothered me at times. I got his issue with Raymond not like shouting from the rooftops what he was feeling or whatever, but I just felt like he was over-analyzing. He was ruining what was right in front of him. And the thing with Caleb was just....I was seriously irate. My face got hot and my stomach dropped and I cursed and yelled and whimpered simultaneously. Why oh why dude?! I was irritated that he was almost oblivious to how his actions would be interpreted. I understood being worried about falling for Raymond or even counting on it to last or be what he wanted, but Caleb...no. I just could not get down with this dude. Though, I'm quite certain if Santino writes his story I'll fall for him.

Aside from those few moments of frustration, I loved this. It was funny and sweet and hot and real and I was so totally rooting for them.

My favorite line: "I told that fucker that I loved him."
Ray so totally stole my heart.