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The Perfect Place

The Perfect Place - Kol Anderson I don't consider this the mind fuck everyone else seems to. I didn't see some huge plot twist that changed everything. What I got was excellent writing, unease seeping into my bones almost immediately, characters that while I hated, I wanted to know more about. I knew I was missing something, I was uncomfortable-on edge, I knew there would be a moment where everything got turned on its head, and I didn't get this from reviews or readers, but from the ominous clues Liam himself left, this had to be leading to something right? But I guess that's the problem with an unreliable narrator. While we all would tell a story differently, because from our point of view, we see what we see It didn't lead anywhere. At least, not to me. If the purpose was to leave the reader not knowing what to believe, the author succeeded. But it made for a rather miserable reading experience for me personally. Having been (as Julie says) "properly mind fucked" this isn't how it works. I was hoping that the fuckery or twist would have me seeing the clues from all along and how they line up, or a big, "oh shit!" moment. Nope. I got a bizarre and frankly unbelievable answer to a question I hadn't even asked. This could have been fantastic. If the author could have taken some time to connect some dots or fill in holes or anything to make it feel like I wasn't just tossed some line of BS and then-Done. Over. I guess, given the ratings, that there are plenty of people that like this kind of story, I am simply not one of them.
I do think the author has talent. I do believe the writing to be excellent. But the let down at the end left me hollow and kind of angry and wishing I could get those precious reading hours back. Just overall unsatisfying.