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Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea - Keira Andrews 4.5
I enjoyed this. I really loved the guys.
It made me giggle a time or two "But what if something bites my butt?"
I was afraid and stressed for them. I worried about Ty.
There were some really hot moments.
I know there is some drama around this book and the whole use of GFY or whatever. I don't think it translates that way, or it didn't to me. Yeah there were times when Brian was saying maybe he shouldn't want Troy the way he did, but what it boiled down to wasn't a lack of options, it didn't stay at some "let's help each other out" kind of thing, they were genuinely attracted to each other. They trusted each other. Spent 50% of the book getting to know each other, sharing their guilt and pain not because this was it but because they trusted and wanted the other to know. And dude, Troy said he had messed around with dudes before. Nothing as serious as this, but I didn't see it as being out of the blue.

So I really enjoyed, if we got a book about Ty and Nick I would totally read it.