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One Marine, Hero

One Marine, Hero - E.M. Lynley 2.5 stars
I don't know, this didn't really work for me. I liked Beau quite a bit and Jake, though quite a douchebag initially, did grow on me. Their relationship was odd, and there were times when I found Beau too forgiving, but I was glad the times he just said okay, I'm done and took the time he needed.
Jake bothered me for several reasons. I don't understand how the drinking issue didn't get more attention as it was so heavy in the first half. I understand that he went to AA, but he had issues and while support and having people that care about you is so important in recovery and such, I felt like it just kind of went away when other things became more tense. His reaction to the motorcycle ride also was...well, Beau is a better man than me, because I wouldn't have forgiven that reaction.
The political part was...blah for me, not really my thing, and I didn't really care who was guilty.
I could have done without that whole Brett thing and I don't even think that was necessary.
There were some very sweet moments, I wish some of the more intimate scenes hadn't been fade to black. I liked the characters together most of the time, but there were just moments of drama and weirdness that didn't work for me.
Would read more from this author and would recommend Dirty Dining