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Seducing Stephen

Seducing Stephen - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon This was okay, I liked the characters, though I grew a little frustrated with them at times.
There were several times where I didn't care for the language, or it felt too...formal or something.

The detour to Stephen going home felt...off. It didn't flow right, and I was actually a little disappointed and not just because his family sucks, but I guess I was hoping things would work out a little differently.

I liked Stephen. He was so sweet and innocent at first, and I was well and truly pissed at peter this I'm going to be cutting and horrible and break his heart now but it will be good for him later...I don't like that however, I felt that the author did a good job showing the change in Stephen.

Overall, not my favorite Bonnie Dee book, but a quick read with likable characters.