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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz



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Fret - Sandrine Gasq-Dion

I'm guesstimating the page number....because this book has no page numbers O.0


"Favorite one?" I asked.

"It was Paul's," he said quietly.

"Better the guitar than you."

Gareth peered up at me through his lashes, "Some days, that's debatable, Hulk."


Jeesh dude, :(


Bound by Blood - Jourdan Lane

Kinda meh...I don't know, thought it started really strong, but the build up (which was the best part) didn't last long enough and then it was just sex, and little explanations because there was more sex, never mind all the death and destruction, let's have sex. So...I don't know, maybe if you're in the mood for that. I clearly wasn't though. 

Stirring Creatures: Holiday Special - Darien Cox

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No, that's a lie...as fucked up as this was and how in ANY other situation I would be all

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I loved this. It was weird. These characters...I love them. Joff was a trip. But honestly, I still would prefer

Christian with Baz.

(show spoiler)


My progression through this little short was like

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Cuz Christian was being a blind and stubborn


Then shit got real...like

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I get Myles...he's not my favorite guy, but he was pissing me off, even though I got it. I was still like, oh fuck off. And I felt bad for Baz! 

This "solution" though...

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Then super fucking awkwardness....

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And now I'm out of books 

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Trapped in Your Storm - Darien Cox

Love these guys. Friends to lovers is a favorite of mine, and I will be honest, I was worried how I would feel about Nolan, but this was great. Wish it had been a little hotter, not that it wasn't but there wasn't a lot of steam, but I guess alien problems serve to cock-block, so I get it.

LOVE Baz!!! God, that part could not have been any better, I swear! 

Gonna read the shorty that comes next and then...I don't know what I'll do with my life now that there aren't any more to read.

Deep in Your Shadows - Darien Cox

I liked this, but not as much as the first. I adore Christian and getting in his head was very sweet. Myles was harder for me to like. I really wanted Christian with


(show spoiler)

The alien story line was interesting.

I like how even though JT and Rudy's book is over, they are still central and important.

Not as hot as the first book, but still enjoyed 

Reading progress update: I've read 28%.

Deep in Your Shadows - Darien Cox

Christian looked down, sipping his beer. He felt awkward suddenly, and he never felt awkward around other people.

"What's wrong?"

Shaking his head, Christian said, "Ah, nothing. Well...I'm starting to think maybe I'm kind of fucked up."

Myles smirked.

"Don't say it. I know you think I'm fucked up, but I don't mean getting in fights or doing crazy shit. I spend all of my time with the same people. I just realized, I don't even know how to get to know someone anymore. Someone new. It's like I've lost the skill. I guess I'm starting to understand why you keep rejecting me."

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Myles stared at Christian for a long time, blue eyes narrowed slightly. Christian grew uncomfortable under his gaze, but Myles just kept staring.

"Am I supposed to keep talking? Because I'm honestly not sure what to ask you now."

"Ask me if I want to kiss you." Myles said.

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Safe in Your Fire - Darien Cox

This book was so me! I LOVED it. Even when things go to


(show spoiler)

But it's definitely a momo book.

Rudy was adorable and sweet and JT was great. I loved the first half of the book especially because these guys were fighting this feeling and giving each other crap and it was entertaining and sweet and hotness and I still had no fucking idea what was going on in that village. Dirty talking was hotness, and you could feel their affection and desperation for each other in those moments. 

I want Michelle dead. I am probably not supposed to feel that way, but yeah,

she did not deserve Brock or her kids, or even Nolan. What a fucking dumb trollop

(show spoiler)

So here's hoping she dies in the next one! *cheers*

Loved getting to know Christian and Elliot. Definitely rough beginnings but they are great guys. Super excited for Christians story!!!

Reading progress update: I've read 5%.

Enduring Night - John  Wiltshire

Yup, slow I go because as always, I'm nervous as hell.

Reading progress update: I've read 1%.

Enduring Night - John  Wiltshire

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Black Hearts - Karina Halle

super spoilery so if you have any intention of reading this book, and I would never discourage it--please skip this review!



First, I have read Karina Halle before. If you have not, I would highly recommend the Experiment in Terror series. It will frustrate and frighten you but sweet Jesus, it's great. 

This however was not. 

Or not for me anyway.

Almost nothing in this book worked for me.

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My feelings on this are torn, as I know some of it comes from a place of "it's not you, it's me"

not the python in the underwear quote--that was most definitely you


Violet was...well, I reckon she was supposed to be strong and sweet, intuitive and with depth, but...well, she was stupid. Her stupidity disappointed me. And yes, I know this is fiction and you have to suspend disbelief at times, and yes, I know I am old, but I really hated this kid. She goes to his hotel on the third day. Let's him tie her up, slip a belt around her neck and pull (well, that was the fourth day). Now you do you boo, but what in the actual fuck is wrong with you? You trust him?

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He says "trust me" and you do? You? Supposed little miss paranoia? Violet-the something's not right, I know my intuition is correct? He's lying to you, which you kinda know already...he's a liar and a murderer, but yes, please trust on day 3-4.

I guess I'm old, I did not find this hot. I wanted to snatch her up by her hair and tell her her mama was calling her for dinner. So, she was stupid. 

Vincente...was...less stupid? I'm not sure I really got a take on him honestly. I would think I got it, but then...not so much. His motivation for going to Cali was...idk...I thought it was dumb, but whatever, I could go along with it. You wanna take down your papa but can't figure out how to do it other than finding the girl that got away? even though he has already slipped out of first place, so really...what was that supposed to accomplish? I mean, bring her back and present her to papa? For respect? He didn't even know his own motivation. One minute it's all for my father to respect me, then its to beat my father and be king and rise to the top and blah fuckin blah

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Oh,but Vi the Stupid gets under his skin. He "falls in love with her" so what does he do? Pistol whips her mother. 

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Ben was the most interesting part of the story for me. 


I could care sweet fuck-all about Javier. I didn't like him before, I sure as fuck don't like him now and I swear (and I'm not all that bright) but I had the cliffy moment figured out. So, not only was it a cliffy, but it wasn't...shocking. I don't know. 


Some of my favorite absolutely awful quotes:

"I don't have a condom. It doesn't matter." (Day 6 or 7, I think)


"And yet for all her softness and kindness and bleeding heart, I want to make her stronger, better. Something more like me."  Ah yes, when the drug lord's murdering son wants to change you and make you "better" fucking gag me.


"But now that I'm here, I want to expose them for what they are. I want to show Violet that her instincts have always been correct. At least I was raised in a house where everything was laid out on the table, for better or worse. I watched my father torture and kill a man when I was eleven years old. I learned how to shoot an AK at fourteen. I've been with him when's put bullets in people's heads. I've watched him make deals that I knew were based on lies. And I turned out just fine."

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Yup-totally fine


"Mexican magic cock."  


"He's opening me to a whole new world. In other words, he's fucking Aladdin and I'm on one hell of a magic carpet ride."

Image result for Aladdin gif excuse me

I mean, seriously, how am I not supposed to look at her as some dumb kid?

She took it a step further with Narnia, but I'll spare y'all.


I'm disappointed about how the sexual relationship was portrayed. I've read other books where couples/partners/strangers don't know each other well. I'm not sure why this one bothered me so badly. Was it because she was letting him tie her up and collar her and whatever he wanted even though she was supposed to be super paranoid? Or is this what's hot? Was there trust building that I just didn't see? I don't know, but I was really bothered. 


Reading progress update: I've read 99%.

Black Hearts - Karina Halle

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Reading progress update: I've read 95%.

Black Hearts - Karina Halle

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Black Hearts - Karina Halle

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You remember the end of Reservoir Dogs?

Yeah, I'm kinda hoping this ends like that.

Reading progress update: I've read 77%.

Black Hearts - Karina Halle

"I don't have a condom. It doesn't matter."


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Yeah, I mean, you've almost known each other a whole week and shit, why bother?


Reading progress update: I've read 69%.

Black Hearts - Karina Halle

I like Ben. He's about the only one I do like, but I like him. Even more since he nearly knocked Vi over :P